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Today was the first time in a long time that I really enjoyed working on my novel.

By 9 a.m. I was seated at the kitchen table with binders, notes, timelines, and printed manuscript spread out before me…an almond latte and kitty companion to assist…and an energy for the endeavor that I hadn’t felt in some time. Before I knew it, it was after Noon! I had gone through all my accumulated notes (keeping what contributes to my vision and tossing the rest), discarded entire scenes & characters which time had revealed were not pertinent to this novel (they’re now saved in a document and destined for the sequel), and summarized all my chapters while working through troublesome plot points (which was a fun sort puzzle in and of itself).

Later in the afternoon, I spent a good hour with the business-side of matters. I started a spreadsheet on which to keep track of prospective agents for when the time comes, and tried to familiarize myself with the website for Publisher’s Marketplace.

I’m pleased with what I did today…pleased most of all that I enjoyed it. I have created a ten-step process for getting my novel done…the ten things I absolutely want to do before I will consider it done. And none of those ten steps involve extensive rewriting or reorganizing. Here is where I’m trusting all those readers who say, “It’s done!” No, it’s just a bit of grammatical editing, fleshing out, and plot corrections. Right now I can’t put an ETA on when I’ll finish those ten steps…my inclination is to try to do just that, which always gets me in trouble. So instead I’m going to do the harder thing…just start working through them…and keep enjoying it.