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The mystery interview lasted forty minutes and finished just as the sun was rising. It all seems like a dream now, which is actually quite helpful in letting go and getting back to regular life. I won’t know the outcome for some weeks, and for my own sanity I’m going to consider the entire venture done and over with. If something comes from it all, then it will be a dream come true and was meant to be; if it doesn’t, then I can rest easy knowing I gave it my best shot, and will return to my trusty basket of multicolored and overflowing dreams.

Now, after quite a busy vacation, I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted. I had hoped to spend the last day of it doing nothing but eating chocolates from that heart-shaped box and watching favorite films; but alas, I still had those meeting minutes to work on. I spent most of the day sitting at the kitchen table trying to make sense of them, every once in a while sneaking off to the living room to watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey or a quick episode of Escape to the Country.

Though I’m not particularly excited to return to my stressful, hectic job tomorrow morning, I am looking forward to a new week.