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Looking forward to the leisurely days of the future when I can write those long, contemplative posts again…and return to the world of mystery. Until then, it’s speed reading Simone de Beauvoir and pouring over paper thin pages of Mary Wollstonecraft and searching out short stories by Alice Munro. All punctuated by cake, champagne, and an episode here and there of “Escape to the Country.” Oh, and there was also work today. A bit of it has followed me home, as there are meeting minutes to finish before I return next Tuesday (a type of writing, to be sure), but starting right now I’m on vacation.

I took a brief intellectual break this evening to watch this acceptance speech by well-known fantasy writer, Ursula Le Guin, when she was awarded the National Book Award. It starts off slowly but gains momentum and interest.

(As always, those of you who follow by email will have to come to my blog site to view the video.)

And now, all the sugar I’ve eaten, and the cup of Nescafe I drank in desperation an hour ago, is about to run out. Until tomorrow.