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I had scheduled this entire week off from work…a “just because” vacation at home. However, with my manager retiring last Friday and a coworker out on medical leave, I agreed to work today and tomorrow. I’m not too bothered by this; somehow, I still feel like I’m already on vacation…perhaps because it’s also my birthday week! But, tomorrow after I attend a meeting in place of the interim director who has yet to be hired, I will head home and be officially free for seven days.

Having most of this week off from work is actually quite fortuitous. It affords me much needed time to prepare for next Monday’s mystery interview. And I am going to be prepared. This isn’t one of those things that you wing. You put in time, thought, and preparation, so that when it’s over,you know you gave it your all.

I’m afraid, however, all this preparation will make me rather dull and single-minded for a bit…aside from birthday celebrations. Just a warning…