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Bookended by two kitties…a homemade cappuccino on the nightstand…church bells ringing in the distance…a dark storm blowing beyond the windows. This was how I started my day…writing my Morning Pages in bed. It was perfect, actually.

I proceeded to spend the rest of day with my laptop in front of me, books surrounding me, and steady flow of food presented to me. I have been able to check a few items off that trio of lists, “Research, Reading, Reflection,” but more importantly, have developed a rhythm to this preparation.

Now, twelve hours later, I’m embracing another “R” word…retiring to the living room for brain rest and some good ol’ TV. It never ceases to amaze me how the brain keeps processing and unraveling, even when one is not consciously working on something. For example, you leave a stack of books and texts, unable to see straight. You return the next morning and everything makes perfect sense. This is an important part of preparation, as well, and happening now.