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I have quite a task ahead of me this week, preparing for the mystery interview. It’s not just about being prepared to eloquently demonstrate what I know in my head…in fact, that’s the least of what I need to prepare. More so, I need to demonstrate what’s in my heart…to be centered in my intention, my goals, my passions. Preparing for this interview might be the best thing for me, come what may.

Tomorrow morning, first thing, a list goes on the whiteboard in the blue room of all the talking points with which I wish to be familiar. But also starting tomorrow, I will begin to withdraw within myself to seek out the woman who wants this life of a writer more than anything else. How does this withdrawal happen? Meditation…music…Morning Pages…affirmations…long walks…not to mention, whimsical socks, lots of sugar cookie tea, and maybe even a little cross-stitching. If on the morning of the interview I can be at peace with the writer, woman, soul within…I won’t worry what comes out of my mouth and will also be at peace with the outcome of the interview.

I haven’t forgotten my task and agreement to submerse myself in all things mystery. Mystery will certainly be part of this week, because mystery is part of the writer I am, but full submersion is on hold until February 17.