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I’ve been reading works by and about P.G. Wodehouse this evening. That’s Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, author or ninety novels, including those featuring the beloved duo, Wooster and Jeeves.

Now here’s a man who lived a long, happy life and whose writing was none the worse for it. True, his works are not considered great literature…in fact, Michael Schmidt, in his book The Novel: A Biography, categorizes Wodehouse as an author of the “entertainment novel,” the “caricatural twin” to the proper novel. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion…making people laugh and giving them a distraction from the pains of the world.  Despite his self-confessed trouble with plot, Wodehouse could crack out a book in six months. This is something I marvel at, and aspire to, going on year four, as I am, with my novel. His advise to writers: get to the dialogue as soon as possible.

Other than that, working my way through a cheap bottle of white wine and avoiding the teetering stack of dishes in the sink. I give you Thursday.