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With the mystery application done and submitted, I was able to spend today focused on work and the short story challenge. Though “focused” might not be exactly the right word to describe my state of mind after an intense week topped with an all-nighter.

It has become very clear that I am no longer the college student of twenty-one who can eat junk food, skip exercise, live on little sleep, and still keep my brain in overdrive for extended hours. All day my right eye twitched and this evening, after just a couple hours of writing and even a cup of coffee, my plan to finish the first draft of my short story before bedtime was quickly revised to tackling the entire endeavor in earnest first in the morning. Struggling to keep my eyes open now, I’m sitting in bed, writing my last words of the day here.

I’m relying on a good night’s rest, a sunny day, and a healthy breakfast to get my short story done before tomorrow night’s deadline.