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Somehow, last night when I thought I’d posted my blog, I hadn’t. Instead of publishing, I left it in draft mode. I know a couple followers noticed, so I just want to say, I did not miss a day…at least not intentionally!

Today we finally got our castle fortified…truth be told, I’m more scared of our alarm system now, than of burglars!…and I took a three hour exam for a County position. I also got a call back on the interview I did earlier this week and am scheduled for the second interview on Monday. I have to remind myself, that in a roundabout way, all these efforts (which take up a lot of time) support my writerly dreams…in so far as they help me feel secure and provide me with an environment which supports my dreams, financially and emotionally. So, though I didn’t get much actual writing done today…neither on the application nor on the short story (though I carried my laptop around, as usual)…I’m still trying to think of it as a successful day in the way of writerly tasks…in that roundabout way. I’m also aware that my lack of writing today means three very rigorous days of writing to come. Deadlines are fast approaching!