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Another rough day in 2015. This time one of my dear friends ended up in the hospital after a nasty fall while out on a bicycle ride. Cut above the eye, bad concussion, and abrasions…she’ll be in the hospital for the next couple days and I’ll be visiting her tomorrow. 2015 needs to just settle down!

If you could see my whiteboard now, you’d see it’s covered in chicken scratch. I’m hard at work on that mysterious application which is due on Friday. Biting it off in small bits. Meanwhile, the short story for the challenge is starting to come to me…in snippets of dialogue, images, and as a nebulous but tantalizing idea. Soon I will sit down and start writing Committing to a story idea is like falling in love. Every so often the thought that maybe you’re settling or that there could be something better breaks through, but it has no staying power. Because, right or wrong, you can’t help but believe this is the best thing that could’ve happened to you, and there could be no other. Of course, as with all relationships, only time will tell.