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That’s me trying to be enthusiastic about what will be a long day of driving, not for fun, but for a good cause…getting a family member and their vehicle from the hospital in San Francisco to their home four hours North…and then getting ourselves back home…on a weekend with the Golden Gate Bridge is closed.

For half of the ride I will be following in my car, while my husband drives them and their car. I recall how I used to come up with some of my best story ideas while driving, so I plan to bring my little blue tape recorder. Actually, I find driving peaceful and relaxing. I will plug my phone in, play some favorite music, and spin stories in my head.

Meanwhile, in the short time I have to get everything done this morning, before we leave, I am trying to register for the British online writing competition I discovered earlier this week. Not having much luck as it appears my account is not yet activated. If the competition starts at 5:30 p.m. in the U.K. then that means the competitions starts 15 minutes from now where I am. It might not be in the cards for me this time…it might be the Universe telling me I need to focus on other things this week…I can imagine what those “other things” are, too.

An Aside:


The film and symphony accompaniment last night was fantastic. It was quite an experience to hear the unmistakable opening strain’s of Nino Rota’s score played by a live symphony. They even served cannoli during intermission! Well done, San Francisco…I was transported and inspired…and reminded how much I love that movie.