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I suppose you could say I started the day at midnight discussing the merits of “The Woman in Black 2” with my husband and friend upon our return from the movie theater. We discovered, after some quick Googling, that the sequel was not based on a book like the first film which was based on Susan Hill’s 1989 novel by the same name. During the movie, I jumped quite a few times, and crouched lower and lower in my seat, but we determined close to 1 a.m. that it was not as scary or well-done as the first. Because it wasn’t based on a book this time…? I think that could be a factor. But also because the first film was a more intimate story; the protagonist against this forbidding presence, alone in a house on an island, cut off from the rest of civilization for half a day at a time. At the very least, the film last night was entertaining…if you like things jumping out at you…and gave us pause for thought about what’s really scary…things jumping out at you or well-crafted moods…and how the depth of a book often produces a much better film, even if the film falls short for the folks who have read the book.

I didn’t wake up as late as I would have liked, given how late we went to bed, but spent a couple nice hours sipping coffee and eating leftover Christmas panetonne with my friend and fellow Key, who stayed the night rather than making the two and a half hour drive home at 1:30 in the morning. As always, and as one can find documented in prior posts, our conversation this morning included discussion of our writing projects…challenges, hopes, goals…and the lives that go on around these projects.

Tonight, all I want to do is zone out to music, but I am here reporting in, as hard as it seems to be to produce coherent sentences that don’t run on ad nauseam. I have prepared for the coming week as best as I can, and tomorrow morning will find me up early, reading and latching on to my inner dream as I walk into what I anticipate will be a very challenging week.