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I finished work, changed into my pj’s, and have been laying on my stomach on our bed…wedged between two kitties, transported back to Aberdeen, Scotland, 1790, where an epidemic of childbed fever has already killed five new mothers in six weeks and a young doctor struggles to bring a community into the modern age of medicine before more women die. (Touching Distance by Rebecca Abrams.)

Aren’t books awesome for time travel?

Now, I’m back in the present and it’s New Year’s Eve…the last day of 2014. I’ve talked about the hazards of New Year’s resolutions, so while I’ve been making goals and lists in my head, I’m unlikely to voice any tonight or label them “resolutions.” Like Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about them tomorrow. Still, I can’t completely resist the lure of a new beginning, so I will make just one…an important and writerly one, at that. Here you have it…my New Year’s resolution for 2015:

I will write half an hour every day…proverbial rain or shine…brilliance or complete crap. And there will be no cheating with, “Oh, well, I did half an hour of revision…does that count?” No, actual writing…at least the first six months.

Now, that may not seem like much of a resolution to some people (especially prolific writers), but I’m already shaking in my boots at the prospect of it…just like I did when I started this blog…which might mean I have more than half a chance of keeping this resolution.

I wish you all the Happiest of New Year’s. May your 2015 be healthy, happy and full of dreams come true. I’ll leave you with my favorite New Year’s firework show in the world…London just five hours ago!

(For those of you who get this by email…go to the actual blog to see the video…the end is amazing!)