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How in the world did I ever get a Master’s and work full time?!

Returning to work today after nine days off at home, I’m acutely aware of how little time is available for my own pursuits on a work day. I’m not complaining, just stunned. Let’s review the day… I got up at six o’clock. I already made lunches so I was able to enjoy my coffee on the couch with the kitties and admire the Christmas tree. I did spend about thirty minutes on Facebook and Instagram…I like to get caught up on everything in the morning. Then I got dressed and organized, fed the cats, made the bed, and somehow it was already time to be at work!…no time to write, as planned. During the work day (which is it’s own story) I managed to take an hour lunch. I came home, thinking I’d read and write. My husband surprised me by meeting me at home at the same time. I was thrilled to see him, already having withdrawals after all our time together during the holidays; however, as a result, we chatted and I only read for about twenty minutes and didn’t do any writing. After work, I returned calls to family and then came home, made dinner, sat and ate dinner, did the dishes, made lunches, and sipped the rest of my wine while unwinding to silly cat videos (guilty, as charged…but only for twenty minutes!). Now it’s already after seven o’clock!

I remember now how I got my Master’s while working full-time…I never cooked, I never exercised, I neglected all my relationships and I never slept! A year and a half later I’m still recovering…and so are my loved ones.

In the just-going-about-life life, today was a productive, wonderful day. In the gotta-become-a-writer-fulfill-all-my-dreams life, it hasn’t been too productive. But honestly, I don’t miss the single-mindedness I possessed when I was pursuing my Master’s. I loved the experience and am proud of my accomplishment, but I can’t live like that. I like enjoying the day…having time for family and friends…watching silly cat videos…taking half an hour to just sit and look at the Christmas tree. Finding balance between making time for life and accomplishing goals is tough…and something that this blog will touch on, again and again.

Theoretically, I still have hours before bedtime, but I feel like the day is almost done! I imagine as I get back into the work week, I’ll get myself and my schedule sorted out, but the rest of tonight will be a little of this and that…writerly leftovers. I’ll write some of those thank you notes, I’ll do a little more critical reading, I’ll work on that application I mentioned last night, I’ll peruse job postings. And I’ll be okay with it.

But I will end by saying this…some days there really aren’t enough hours in the day…