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Returning to work after nine luxurious days at home will be a slight shock to the system, but I am approaching Monday with a grateful and open heart. I have spent the evening (after a rather lazy day watching movies) attempting to make my Monday morning as easy as possible…showering, preparing lunches, picking out my outfit. This, in itself, helps me as a writer because tomorrow morning when my mind is at it’s freshest…before it is drained by a hectic day in an office and hospital…I can take some time to read and write and be creative.

Tonight I also did some research as I prepare to write a Personal Statement for an application I’ve been working on. This application is for a venture I’d rather not elaborate on at this time, for fear of jinxing it. Suffice to say, the venture is all about the dream of being a writer and I’d appreciate as many crossed fingers as you all can spare, despite my leaving you short on details.

Short and sweet tonight. As if I haven’t played enough, I have a cross-stitch project and sugar cookie tea waiting for me in the living room, along with a good murder mystery.