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It’s inevitable that I still have Christmas carols playing in my head…and in my household, we celebrate Christmas through Epiphany on January 6th…but the one that keeps playing today is “Winter Wonderland.” These lines, specifically:

“Gone away, is the bluebird
Here to stay, is a new bird
He’s singing a song
As we go along
Walking in a winter wonderland”

I feel like that new bird, nesting for the New Year. I’ve spent most of today working on the blue room. It was already tidied; today was prepping for the New Year on a whole different level. I made stacks of books to read, put a new battery in the clock at my desk (which hasn’t ticked for months), created a better work flow and further decluttered my workspace, and even moved my laptop back in! When I first painted the blue room and claimed it as my own, I was excited about my new creative space. Unfortunately, too often I’ve let it become a catch all…road bikes, piles of clothes, gift wrapping paper and bills. Today I claimed it back…and it’s important for me to use, away from the dirty dishes, television, and other have-to’s and distractions. I was reminded of a post I read on the Hedgebrook blog earlier this year.  In the post, the poet, Kelli Russell Agodon, describes her need for and creation of a writing space. In doing so she elaborates on the importance of such a space, no matter how humble…in her case, with money from a writing prize, she turned a garden shed into a fairly luxurious writer’s studio!

Read Agodon’s post here: 


Now, in a different creative vein, I get to go be a model for my husband…head shots with scarves tonight!