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I’ve always loved lists, but I’m really drawn to them right now. A hangover from Christmas? Perhaps. But I think it’s mostly due to having some free time. As soon as I get some time to breathe and my mind can begin to explore, consciously and subconsciously, what it’s interested in, lists inevitably begin to form.

Today, I made my list of thank you cards to write…an important one and writerly, in it’s own way, as thank you cards require thought and carefully chosen words. But even more writerly, I fleshed out my list of short story ideas that I can work on in the coming year. I remembered three more in the last couple days. In the 9th Annual Short Story Challenge, which I’m signed up for and will start in three weeks, each round you are assigned a genre, subject, and character; however, I’m hoping I may be able to incorporate one or two of my existing ideas. I’ve also spent part of the afternoon reading past winning stories to get an idea of what the judges are looking for. Judging by the quality of writing I’ve read, it will be a stiff competition.

Speaking of the coming year, for someone who’s supposed to have sworn off New Year’s resolutions, quite a list of those are forming in my head, as well. More on that to come.