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…and all thro’ the house, not a creature is stirring (because they’re all asleep except me), not even a mouse (because they’re fake)… I prefer Eves to Days…All Hallow’s Eve, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve. I think it’s because Eves hold all the anticipation, and that’s the best part. I have to admit, today I got sucked into social media (to be commented on in a future post), the box of See’s chocolates left on the kitchen table, long telephone calls to family, and making a nice Christmas Eve dinner for my husband…which we ate in our jammies…and it’s all been wonderful. Unfortunately, it means that no official writerly task got done. But as a dear friend says, sometimes the writerly task is just showing up to write the blog. This is a slippery slope, I argue, but today I’m going with it. That said, that artistic child in me did get to play a little tonight…which is always good for the grown-up writer when she finally does write. Knowing that our kitties are getting on in years…they’ve been my pals & companions for almost fifteen years!…my mother got us an “ornament paw print impression kit.” So, this evening, I carefully pressed out the putty-like material, cleaned the kitties’ little paws, made them grudgingly do their impressions, then set the soon-to-be-ornament atop the piano to dry for the next few days.

Kitties' paws

Honestly, it does looks like a child made it. That’s each of their initials under their respective paw print, and I added the year after I took this photo. My husband and I smiled wistfully, knowing that someday, long after they’re gone, we’ll pull this out of the box of Christmas decorations and remember the little guys who brought us so much love and joy. They really are family members…and this year they thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Eve and their new horde of toy mice. Copperfield Xmas  Houdini Xmas Midnight is just a couple hours off and then I will hear the bells from the cathedral ringing out the joyful news…”a child is born in Bethlehem.” We decided not to attend Midnight Mass this year but I insist on staying up to welcome in Christmas Day properly. The stockings are, indeed, hung by the chimney with care, and I always harbor a secret hope to spy St. Nicholas. Wishing everyone out there a peaceful, magical, warm Christmas!