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I stayed up late getting Christmas all wrapped up. As a result, I awoke feeling relaxed and liberated. I proceeded to dive into boxes, work and writerly tasks! In fact, I sat down and wrote a list of a dozen writerly things that, my now free mind, suddenly remembered I’d been wanting to do…or were exactly what I need to be doing. More than that, I was excited about them! The days ahead look full of focus and living the dream… This morning I sent an email to the Keys, that group of fellow writers with whom I have been meeting for the past three years and whose company & support helped get me through Grad school. One of them reminded me that we had proposed having a serious writing group / workshop the first weekend of January…not just feasting, drinking and writing fun seasonal stories. I can’t think of a more perfect start the New Year. Hopefully, my email will rally the troops and we’ll start 2015 off a writing force with which to reckon! Right now I am surrounded by the sound of gardeners bearing leaf blowers. As you may recall, this is one of my least favorite sounds, period. But no time to wait for peaceful, conducive silence to get this posted. Heading out soon to begin the holiday celebrations! It is Christmas Eve eve, after all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcZAwoip5aY