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…or so one of the many emails waiting in my inbox reminded me this evening.

Tonight my Christmas vacation starts. I’m not a teacher or even a student anymore…I’m taking the week of Christmas off from work by choice…but I remember how it used to feel to start the coveted Christmas vacation. A mixture of freedom and anticipation…all things good! When I got home from work tonight I sat down (in a very tidy blue room, I might add) and made a list of all the things I want to do during my week: Morning Pages, exercise, writerly tasks, chapter revisions, reading, etc. The first evening of vacation is always the best…everything is before you…everything is possible.

I then proceeded to sit on the living room floor and work through more of our seventy-some Christmas cards to be sent. Tonight, however, I had the accompanying pleasure of one of my favorite personal Christmas traditions. Every year my husband picks out one of the corniest Christmas movies he can find for me to watch. Inevitably, I end up sucked into the storyline, crying like a baby, and insisting it was a damn fine film. I cherish these little movies…how they take me by surprise. Somehow they represent the spirit of the season…in both form and subject…simple and sincere in their message…and give me hope for my own little stories (which may very well be just as corny), that perhaps they will someday see the light of day and bring even one person joy and entertainment.

Now, I’m going to stay up as late as I can reading a book…pure decadence, in my world…until I succumb to one of those five sleeps til Xmas.