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Another first for this blog…the first night I almost forgot to write it!

I’ve been sitting on the living room floor surrounded by half a dozen boxes of cards, books of stamps, and multiple pens…not to mention a glass of wine, plate of cookies, and cup of milk…filling out and addressing Christmas cards. That is all the writing I have done tonight…and I’m still not done! Now I’ve dutifully packed everything up and am on the couch to report just that.

Though the busy nature of the holiday season has helped, in some ways, to focus me on the tasks at hand, which includes, to some degree, writing…I have to admit that I feel the lack of creativity when it comes to my writerly tasks. I haven’t had time to attend public readings, the Redwood Chapter meetings, correspond with other writers, or just make a conscious effort to do something new & writerly. All my creativity as been funneled into tree-trimming, card-writing, gift-wrapping, and so forth. I suppose I can thank the blog for helping me to recognize this. At the same time, I don’t want to be too hard on myself. It’s alright to enjoy the season and holidays, to let them be both a focus and source of inspiration for creativity. I suppose in some way all these things fill the creative well. In fact, just a few moments ago I read the latest Online Editor’s Letter for Writer’s Digest which touched on the same thought:

One week until Christmas–are you ready? With the holidays so close, I know it can be hectic for everyone to focus on writing. But the week before Santa comes lends itself to being one of the most imaginative and creative times of the year. This about all the holiday possibilities: Christmas dinner that goes awry; Santa delivering your embarrassing gift to the wrong house; Last minute hunting for the perfect gift; Helping someone in need only to find out it’s someone you used to know. The story ideas are endless.

Thankfully, I have the entire week of Christmas off from work. It will be the perfect opportunity to return to more formal, conscious writerly tasks and use some of that extra time to infuse this blog with more variety and substance.