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It’s amazing how pressure & deadlines make me productive. That’s if and when I don’t absolutely rebel against them. It’s always a crap shoot. Thankfully tonight, the dice are landing on PRODUCTIVE!

Once again I am baffled at how quickly Christmas approaches. I blame it on Advent calendars and am swearing them off in the future. But, now that the tree is up, I’m in the swing of things…getting presents wrapped & mailed, other gifts ordered, and continuing on the long list of cards. Tomorrow I brave the post office…

As for the writer in me, she seems to work best when given less time to do so. That may go against what I’ve said in the past, and I can’t guarantee it’s always the case; however, I have noticed in my years of academic and creative pursuits and deadlines, that when I have all the time in the world, I act like I have all the time in the world and don’t get anything done. But when I’m on a tight schedule, like a disciplined solider I’ll put in that half hour of writing or half hour of reading someone else’s work. That is what today finds me doing…in between dishes, dinner, and putting out the Holy Family, whom I finally found under all the strands of lights. “Come back from the light, Holy Family!”

Soldiering on while the dice are still landing on PRODUCTIVE.