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In this house my husband is the photographer. That said, I can take some damn fine photos when need be. Tonight I was the only one available for a quick Christmas portrait session. So, off I went, and back I came, victorious (thanks to some tips from him). The outing got the writer in me thinking about “visibility.”

As a writer, I love to play at other arts. What I notice most when dabbling is how invisible and solitary writers are in their chosen art. Photography can be this way too, hidden behind a camera, as it were, until you start taking portraits. Yes, the camera is pointed at the subjects, but as a photographer, you have to interact with them, make them feel at ease, draw them out. I may take good photos but I am no good at that part. I have to rely on others present to coax the smiles and expressions, while I compose and snap away. Then there’s singing, acting, dancing, and playing instruments. Not only are you now using parts of your body that you don’t typically use when writing, you’re also very visible. It’s both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. Thinking on all this, reminds me that I quite like the visibility and need to be sure to add some to my art, even if it doesn’t seem to come naturally. What does that mean? Besides this blog and publication, really only one other thing. Public readings.

When I joined the Redwood Writers’ Chapter I was excited to learn they had two different opportunities for reading our material in public…a salon at writers’ homes and an open mic night at a local restaurant.

I think there’s a forecast for higher visibility in the New Year…