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…really do exist.

Yesterday morning I started to come down with a cold. I wasn’t surprised, considering I’ve been surrounded at home and work by sick people, but I was surprised at how quickly it struck. Within a couple hours I went from feeling strong & feisty to being a sneezing, sniffling mess. I was banished (kindly) from the office, and all I could think was, “Not again! Wasn’t I just sick?” So before I took myself off to bed I made two stops…the Chinese restaurant for Won Ton soup, and the grocery store for all the fixings for a strong hot toddy. As it turns out, ample administration of these potions (and lots of sleep) did the trick. I cannot believe I feel 100% better tonight.

I’m here to report:

1) All my clothes are put away and I can now walk into the blue room…even spin around should the fancy strike. There’s still the desk and chair and shelf to clean, but I’ve made a definite dent. I’ll be back writing in there in no time.

2) The international Christmas cards are done. There are still many more, “Stateside,” to write, but I got a good start. I even put out a few Christmas decorations. The tree…? Well, maybe this weekend.

3) I learned yesterday via email, in between blowing my nose endlessly, that I made it through all the “elimination rounds” and my name is officially on the hiring list. Now, I wait to see if there are any bites. So keep sending those good thoughts.

All of this…the cleaning, the decorations, the email update, and most especially, getting healthy…helps. I feel less stressed and more hopeful. The writer in me needs these things…organization, a sense of accomplishment, and the promise of new adventure in life…without them the creativity can’t seem to work its own magic. These are baby steps, but these are the best, most certain types of steps.