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It became very clear over the weekend…through a series of visitors, comments from my husband, and the inability to find anything…that my office, otherwise known as “the blue room,” has somehow been transformed into the stereotypical teenager’s room. There are clothes, clean & dirty, hanging off the chair and covering the floor; mail has piled up on the single bed and subsequently spilled onto the floor with the clothes; board games, unopened Netflix envelopes, and Christmas catalogs are in a precarious stack on my desk, balanced on pens & pencils like a kid on roller-skates; my suitcase from our Thanksgiving weekend is still open on the floor, slowly filling with books and other items that can’t get to their proper home because of the surrounding mess. I’m never sure how this transformation occurs, but the problem is, for being a creative person, I actually need structure and organization for that creativity to flourish. My mind seems to reflect back whatever space it’s in. Right now, in that room, I can’t find a good idea or a decent sentence for the life of me…and I’m tired of having to sit at the kitchen table. So tonight, it’s time to reclaim my creative space. I don’t expect I’ll get it all sorted out in one night, but I have to at least start!