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I have a job interview tomorrow. I’m not talking out of school…my manager knows. The prospect of a new adventure & path is exciting & overwhelming. I’ve given careful thought to how I should prep tonight. A balanced approach, I think…

I will do some of the recommended things:

– Reread my resume
– Review the job description
– Consider my answers to some of those notorious interview questions
– Do laundry and pick out an outfit
– Get a good night’s rest

However, I know myself and I do best when I don’t try too hard…when I’m myself rather than rehearsed…when I just relax and trust the moment. So the remainder of my prep will be the following:

– Eat pumpkin pie for dinner
– Curl up in my Wisconsin Badgers’ Snuggie
– Drink eggnog tea
– Watch Almost Famous (I have it on good authority it’s the perfect movie for me…short of also being set in Britain)
– Forget about everything

Wish me luck!