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Awhile back, Christa Wojo, author of the blog, My Sweet Delirium, nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award…as well as dubbed me a Mystery Woman…both of which I quite liked! I expected to accept my award (which requires sharing seven facts about myself and nominating other bloggers for the award) in a couple weeks. However, in true fashion, I’ve kept everyone waiting for a couple months now! Tonight, I am finally ready to step up to the podium…



 Seven Facts about the Mystery Woman

1) Seven random things I find irresistible…

– Christmas lights in Chinese restaurants
– The smell of sharpened pencils & Scotch tape
– Anything that comes in the mail from the Humane Society
– The color, Robin’s egg blue
– American muscle cars
– The combination of chocolate & peanut butter
– This song:

2) I learned to ride a bike at 33
At the age of 33, I decided I really wanted to do a triathlon…in Washington D.C. The main obstacle? I didn’t know how to ride bike. So, my amazing husband took me and a kid’s BMX bike to a parking lot and in ten minutes he taught me to ride a bike…just like that! He taught me in the summer of 2010, I trained for a year, and in 2011 I flew my very grown-up road bike & husband to D.C. where I participated in the Olympic-distance Nation’s Tri…a one mile swim, 26 mile bike ride, and six mile run. Ironically, the bike leg ended up being my best leg of the entire event..in the pouring rain! It’s one of the events in my life that I am most proud, coming in just below moving to London at the age of 18 and getting my Master’s Degree last year.

3) Seven things I want to do before I die
– Be a paid writer
– Live on a narrowboat in England for a year
– Learn to play the fiddle
– Live in Venice through all the seasons
– Write something that makes a difference to someone
– Study in Oxford
– Be unapologetic

4) What I look like…
Not to completely dispel the mystery…but maybe it’s time to become more than a pair of shoes on a desk. So, here you have it…me, on a lazy Saturday, no make-up, no filter…I may not have even brushed my teeth yet…looking dubious about the revelation!

Photo on 12-6-14 at 2.17 PM #2

5) Seven things I abhor…
– The sound of leaf blowers
– When people talk over each other
– Cruelty
– Dead skin cells under my nails, i.e. scratching someone’s back
– Cold coffee (when it wasn’t served that way)
– The absence of compromise in politicians
– Flat champagne

6) I’m horrible with character names
I can hear some people saying, “So?” But as a writer, this is a HUGE confession. When I’m writing a story, in the first few drafts all my characters are named one syllable, simple names…like characters from the original Dick and Jane books. Even the dogs end up named Spot! There is nothing wrong with any of these names if they suit the character…the problem is that they don’t always, but I use them anyway, because I can’t seem to think of anything else! It takes long, agonizing hours to get my characters appropriately named. I find this completely annoying and embarrassing.

7) Seven things I’m good at…besides writing…
– Languages (my husband’s pretty sure I’m a spy)
– Driving fast (this makes perfect sense since I’m a spy)
– Kindness
– Planning trips
– Interpreting rules to suit my needs
– Diplomacy
– Tempting my friends to do what they shouldn’t


And the Nominees are…

Now that I have revealed all about myself…or at least a good deal more than I had before today…I nominate the following amazing bloggers to accept and carry on the One Lovely Blogger Award. I don’t have fifteen, but in keeping with the rule of seven, I am nominating seven amazing bloggers.

For those of you listed below, I nominate you because either I enjoy your writing, or your ideas, or your take on the world, or all of the above and more. I appreciate what you are willing to share, and I want to know more about you and share you with others. There is no obligation to accept the nomination but should you do so, when ready, share seven facts about yourself, then share 15 blogs (or as many as possible) that you enjoy and want to celebrate. Finally, let me know you’ve done it so I can be sure to read it!

Chloe Schibeci

Chloe is an Australian and a true adventurer. She’s currently in South America…Peru, I think. You can follow her amazing travels, which include travel tips and photographs, but most wonderfully, her insights on the biggest adventure of all…life.

Norah Kohle

Now, be forewarned, Norah’s blog is mostly in Swedish, but don’t let that deter you. So much of this amazing horse trainer & archer comes through in her photos & videos, and you will find yourself just as enchanted…and wanting to learn Swedish too.

Simone Marchiore

Simone is an Italian Engineer who has decided to be a…sommelier! On his blog he not only shares amazing recipes and wine pairings, but takes a cross-genre approach to wine that I especially appreciate…looking at wine’s present & past relationships with art, music and sport.

Sól Geirsdóttir

I’ve always wanted to be a fierce, blonde Shieldmaiden. Not in the cards for me, and why I so love following Sól. She is a model & actress from and based in Norway. Her blog (which is primarily in English) explores her appreciation for all things Viking.

Katie in London

Katie is an American photographer who moved to London with her husband. As I like to think, she’s living the life I should be living. She uses her beautiful blog to share her discoveries of London (including a great page called, “Londoners,” which is a series of portraits of people who live in London), as well as her other travels.

Flamingo Dancer

I have a weakness for librarians…who live, in my estimation, magical, secret lives that I envy. I enjoy this blog for its wit & wisdom, and its honesty. Written by another Australian woman, it includes great visuals, quotes, daily anecdotes and a fantastic list of things learned…which she urges us not to wait until the age of 50 to embrace!

Stephanie Dosen

I find Stephanie and her knitting endeavors completely charming & whimsical…and I very much want to buy her “enchanted tree hat.” Watching her videos, which end up being about anything and everything…not just knitting…just make me plain happy. My artistic child wants to hang out with her.