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Outside of my book…which I’m pleased to report I have been working on (I have a new scheme comprised of baby steps which is keeping me true and kind to myself)…I don’t feel much like words tonight. I feel like music! Apparently, I’m addicted to musically induced dopamine, as the video below does a nice job of explaining.

I listen to music most of my waking hours…or at least I sit with headphones on even when I forget the music because I get so engrossed in what I’m doing…so wanting to listen to music is not something unusual. But sometimes, the urge is overpowering. It’s more a craving. When that happens, I can zone out all night to music, to the point that it’s hard to turn a song off to listen to what someone has to say to me, or even to listen to my own thoughts. Those nights I just have to binge.

As I’ve preached before, artists need artists. Well, as a writer, I definitely need musicians. They bring me a joy, happiness, and high that is unique to them and their art…and that my brain and body can’t get enough of. So, tonight I’m indulging.