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How do we feel about positive affirmations…?

Well, I don’t know about you, but they make me snicker and feel nauseous and raise my eyebrows. And yet, deep down, I know they work. Look at all the horrible things we say to ourselves and how well that works! If we said a quarter as many nice things to ourselves…about ourselves…I wonder what would happen? Experts say that even that slight change has a very powerful effect.

I think it’s time to initiate some positive affirmations. As friends and family say, I’m hard on myself. When honest, I can admit that’s probably an understatement. I have a tendency to berate myself for the slightest misstep, focus on my failures rather than my accomplishments, and expect quick perfection. I’m sure I’m not alone. However, my artistic child, along with every other part of me, is craving some self-acknowledgement and tenderness…not to mention asking that I replace an expected break-neck pace for good ol’ baby steps. After I hit “Publish” I’m pulling out The Artist’s Way and rereading Julia’s section on creative affirmations, as she calls them. I embraced this section and did the exercises back when I first read the book…over ten years ago…but since then, I’ve drifted away from the practice and subsequently resisted the idea. What’s nice about Julia is that she offers some “pre-packaged” affirmations, which tend to apply to most artists, and allow us to get started even if we’re not ready to face the awkwardness of writing our own.

Scientists say that blueberries boost brain power…and chocolate is a natural mood enhancer. I guess all those chocolate covered blueberries last night did the trick. Them, and the kind, loving words from the few friends who let me cry on their figurative shoulders. As I told one this morning, I’m ready to face the world again…if not tackle it, quite yet. Baby steps…