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I once had a theory…and I guess, when hard pressed, I still do…that creativity is a type of madness. Since, as Julia Cameron says, we are all creative, then we are all mad. This is in keeping with the idea that there is no such thing as normal. Still, let’s admit it, some of us are madder than others…and I often think creativity is a factor in that.

Before the holiday I was doing well with my writerly tasks. During the holiday weekend, while away from my routine and home, I still searched out the writerly in the immediate world around me, embraced it, and noted it. Then I returned home and to my novel. But tonight I’m just trying to keep my creative head up and not let it sink too far down the rabbit hole. Perhaps it’s post-Thanksgiving blues, cyclical hormones, or the effects of reading too much news…whatever it is, add a creative disposition and the results can be bleak…are bleak. I have friends and family who can compartmentalize these feelings, which strike us all, and soldier on. I cannot. Hoping that if I just give myself space & time I won’t end up like the Hatter stuck at six o’clock forever, reciting non-sensical poetry, going from chair to chair!

Shutting everything down and taking my mad self and very own Cheshire cat to the couch…where I will brood with chocolate covered blueberries & champagne and take comfort in a good ol’ murder.