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The friend who so kindly offered to read my novel has already finished! As such, tonight there will be more serious writerly activities in store than telling family stories and shopping at libraries, as lovely as that was. She had lots of observations, responses and input. I read through it once while we were away for the holiday, but now that we are back home I can take some time to really go through it and add it to my “revision manual.” What’s that? I have a binder full of loose papers…one for every chapter. On each page are the things I’d like to add to or change in that chapter when I get to it. I’ve been jotting down things for months. It’s time to put in these last notes & directions and get to work. I’ll make the book as good as I can…I’ll keep it true to my heart while honoring input and genre…and then I’ll set it free and move onto the next project.

Sadly, there are no Thanksgiving leftovers at home… But there is my new Irish Pub cookbook so I’ve already been out and bought all the ingredients for a potato, leek & chicken pie. Opening a bottle of champagne, starting a fire, and heading into the kitchen! The gratitude continues.

Irish Pub