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The day after Thanksgiving, still three hours north, always find me at the House of Design with my sister-in-law. It’s a store filled to bursting with furniture, home decor, candles, trinkets, and more. The day after Thanksgiving it also becomes a holiday wonderland of elaborately decorated trees, garland, hot cider and cookies. It’s become a tradition to wander the narrow paths in the store, sipping cider, and looking for at least one Christmas gift.

What also makes it a perfect tradition for a writer is that the House of Design is housed in the Herbert Kraft Memorial Free Library.

Red Bluff Library 2

A little online research revealed that the library was built by Franklin Pierce Burnham in the Classical Revival tradition in 1909 to honor an influential member of the County. It housed the first free public library in the County, until the library outgrew its space and had to move, leaving behind a beautiful building that still brings its community joy and includes vestiges of its former purpose.*

Red Bluff Library

Since I’m sometimes on vacation but always on writerly duty, shopping in a library seems like the most perfect way to start a writer’s Christmas shopping!