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Why are the British so good at murder? Shouldn’t we be just a little concerned at the amount of shows and books on the subject that come out of that small island nation? Maybe…but I’m on strict orders to watch and read as much as possible.

I was unable to attend my salon of women writers in San Francisco today. So I’m making up for it tonight by following the directions my professor gave me during one of our recent meetings: you should be reading and watching as many mysteries as possible…you should surround yourself with mystery. When I told my husband this he said, “But you already do that.” True, but this is an excuse to take it to another level…like Britain!

So tonight I’m typing this as I start a new British detective thriller, Thorne: Sleepyhead. Really good, for anyone interested. Then I’m going to go to bed and continue reading a medical literary mystery, Touching Distance, written by an Oxford tutor, Rebecca Abrams.

All in the night’s work of a mystery writer.