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“Mom…there’s not even a prologue? Pathetic…”

Apparently, these are the words that came out of my ten-year old Godson’s mouth when he was presented with a book that did not include a prologue. Now, “pathetic,” might not be my exact sentiments, but I like where he’s going with this.

I haven’t talked much about my novel. It’s a completed, polished literary mystery which served as my Master’s Creative Thesis, but I wouldn’t call it finished. What’s really been the barrier to getting it done is the beginning. I have received a lot of input on these crucial first pages…and it has been invaluable…but it has also left me unable to see straight or move on. Yet when I forget everything everyone has said (as much as possible, because once it’s in your head, it’s almost impossible to forget), listen to my artist’s child, and search out that spark of inspiration that made me write the book in the first place, I feel as if I know exactly what to do. And my Godson would be pleased to know it involves a prologue.

The current first chapter of my book takes place at one point in time. The next chapter picks up the story almost a year later. Then it goes along for thirty-some chapters, covering about three weeks of time. Finally, the last chapter takes place a week or so after the climax. Like my Godson, I love prologues, but wasn’t sure it was the right choice…given the trends, the genre, the input I’d received. Still, there’s a prologue in the novel that lives in my heart, so shouldn’t there be one in its manifestation on my laptop? I debated…until today…when God gave me the answer out of the mouth of babes.

“Mom…there’s not even a prologue? Pathetic…”

Thank you! The matter is settled. There will be a prologue and an epilogue, helping to divide up the time changes, renew my honesty to this endeavor, and save me from the risk of being a “pathetic” Godmother.