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A thirty minute Friday night post!

Tonight I am practicing at playing…guilt-free. What does my artist child feel like doing? Well, if you can believe it, making our Christmas shopping list. Maybe it’s like how kids are always lining up all their toy cars and stuffed animals…there’s something soothing & comforting about organizing and taking stock. Saying, these are mine…what shall I do with them? In this case, these are my people, who’s been naughty or nice?

Tomorrow is the first official day of Christmas shopping for me and I’m excited about it. The kid in me, who has always loved everything about Christmas…from the nativity scene under the tree to the smell of Scotch tape while wrapping presents…is excited about it. I realize that Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, but it’s almost here. And just because I don’t like to follow such rules…not in the spirit of capitalism, but in the spirit of doing whatever makes me happy…I’m playing Christmas songs too!