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On the figurative journey that has been this blog thus far, I first had to come to terms with being completely exposed…to family & friends, anyone who wanted to read it, anyone with internet access, really. I got through that. In fact, I like it. Then came the realization that people, especially those who love me, would be seeing a new side of me…be privy to inner thoughts and struggles that normally go unseen and unvoiced, at least outside of a writing group meeting. After fielding worried calls and texts, loved ones learned that these doubts and struggles are part of the artistic temperament and process, at least mine. I think it brought us closer, let them in on a part of my life that was previously concealed, or only known to other writers.

Today I reached a new point on this journey. I had not realized that with this blog and the exposure and the subsequent concern would also come unsolicited advice. My initial reaction was to say, “Yes, yes…thanks,” and let it go in one ear and out the other. But then, as I listened to the advice, I recognized that not only was it given with love for me and respect for my creative endeavors, but it offered piercing insights into my writerly fears and blocks…in a way that could only come from these family and friends.

I’m fortunate enough to have input from many experienced writers and people in the writing world. But sometimes, with so much input, it’s hard to remember the truths in my own heart…until I see them reflected back at me by the people who know me best, who aren’t concerned with the rules of the writing world, but only that I am true to myself, my creative spark, and all my hard work. Today I realized that perhaps part of the figurative journey that is this blog is not only learning to accept love and help in this writerly quest but accept it from where I least expect it.