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I was reminded while reading my About page that when I set out on this journey I anticipated many days would be filled with play. Yet, I quickly forgot that and expected serious work from myself…always. There are days that I let myself play but they have become more guilt laden than they should. I am just voicing an acknowledgement of this and thinking, perhaps, I should make a point of purposefully playing a couple nights a week…unapologetically.

Alas, tonight is not a play date. I did a kickboxing workout which I haven’t done in months, and that was fun, but now I am going to sit down and write Amy Rennert a thank you note for the wonderful consultation last Friday. As I like to believe is still the case with all children, I was raised to believe in thank you notes. A sincere, timely thank you note can do much for a relationship, and just feels good & right.

An Aside:

I haven’t wandered through my treasure trove for some time. Thankfully I have two reasons to tonight.

First, I was also reminded while reading my About page of how much I take heart from the words of Winston Churchill. I include one of his quotes on that page and tonight I am painting it onto the walls of my treasure trove.

Second, my uncle sent me the following quote from Goethe this morning. I love it so much that I’m also tacking it up. I’m a sucker for anything to do with magic and do believe in what Goethe says…even if I can’t always practice it.