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So much I want to do and trying to tackle it all in order of priority…which does not always match up with order of desire. Hmmm…

First, let me say that last night’s Redwood Writers’ Orientation was fantastic. It was hosted at one of the board members’ homes. I was already “on” from a very intense work day so meeting new people and introducing myself as we went around the circle was actually quite easy and pleasant. And I did meet some very nice people, doing the same things I am and after the same goals. I’ll admit that even up to last night I was still dubious about joining. I’ve never been much of a joiner…just like I don’t like to jog with friends (I don’t understand the point). However, I have to admit that last night I felt a sense of camaraderie and community which I’ve been missing since Grad school, and I’m really excited about all the opportunities for learning, submitting, and networking…open mic nights, yearly anthologies, list serves, workshops, monthly meetings, etc. I even passed out my first four business cards to people who were NOT family or friends. True progress, all around!

Tomorrow I’m leaving work early to drive down to Tiburon and have my consultation with Amy Rennert, the literary agent. Obviously, very excited and need to get my Kate Spade bag in order (recently on hiatus after I pulled out my jangling red leather Calvin Klein bag for the holidays) and figure out what I’m going to wear as well as review my submission and get my questions in order.

As mentioned, there’s lots of other things I want to do, but I have to decide between a good night’s rest or a candle burned at both ends. Hmmm…