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These two weeks are offering all kinds of new blogging experiences…with the TV on, from bed, now from my iPhone as I’m in the midst of a busy day!

Though I think I made the right decision, I felt badly about not going to the Sunday Redwood Writers’ meeting. The only consolation was that I knew I would be going to tonight’s Orientation. After work I will speed to a house on the edge of town to hear in more detail all the events and opportunities offered to those of us who have made the plunge and joined. I’m grateful that my friend will be there too.

After that, my husband will have the living room set up to do clamshell lighting portraiture so that we can get our Christmas photo done for the family Christmas card. This is a fun, creative thing…more so for my husband…but I am often inspired by watching other types of artists work. He’s a constant source of inspiration to me and my writing…his diligence, dedication, and enthusiasm. Though sometimes unsure of the new territory he’s entering into, he’s never daunted enough to let it stop him, and climbs every Everest that looms before him just by putting one foot in front of the other and not expecting perfection. A good lesson to all artists.

Looking at the calendar this morning my first thought is, how is it only Wednesday?! My second thought, thank God it’s Wednesday…