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The same song is still playing in my head, and the good news is that tonight I can actually share it!

That said, the day has not been quite as “off” as yesterday, though still not what I would have liked. “Practicing” gratitude is not coming as easily as it was last week. And today someone came into work and shared pictures of their recent trip to London…my London. Not their fault…I asked to see them, but it was hard afterwards not to spiral into complete rebellion and longing.

So I reminded myself that I’m still in that two-week window in which I have to be kind to myself and not have too many expectations. Looking back on the day, I remember with a smile that the sky was gray and I got to wear one of my favorite sweaters, I enjoyed a new rooibos tea with coconut milk, and happened upon the Latin Mass at the cathedral. My husband also surprised me with a small bottle of Veuve Clicquot. And though I can’t jet off to London right now, tonight I will set aside the submission project and let my artist child drink the whole bottle of champagne and explore new ideas…spending a little time researching and brainstorming the book I really, really want to write right now, but have to hold off on until a couple things come to pass (one being that I finish the book I’ve spent the last four years on…).