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We have a lot of blackbirds where I live. They’re everywhere…cawing from wires, hopping on lawns, dropping nuts in to the streets, converging on parking lots. They’re tenacious and unapologetic. I dream about them too. And a song that often plays in my head is “Blackbird,” by The Beatles. It’s been playing all day.

Today has been a strange day. I’ve felt like a song (not that song…a different song), played off-key, over and over again. Not that it’s been a bad day, just nothing has gone quite the way I planned. Not horribly wrong…just off. In terms of my writerly task, I planned to come home tonight and continue working on my submissions. Instead I got dragged off to a dinner meeting, where I ate too much and listened to other people be productive.

I committed to writing a blog for 365 days. I guess every once in a while it really is just going to have to be about acceptance. Accepting when things feel off or when our plans are upset, and showing up to the page (or laptop) anyway…even when there’s absolutely nothing to write about, like today. I have to be like those blackbirds…caw a bit, drop a nut or two, and hop around…all with the hope for better writerly days and creativity to come. I’ve got to be tenacious and unapologetic.

I was going to end this post with a video recording of “Blackbird,” but, fittingly my Adobe Flash isn’t working and won’t let me upgrade.

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night…take these broken wings and learn to fly…”