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For whatever reason, I’ve been feeling very motivated. So, after serious thought I decided not to go to the Redwood Writers’ meeting today but to focus on getting my short story submitted to all those literary magazines. The bio has been done for awhile, and much of my research as well, but there was revising and a cover letter to work on, as well as just getting organized in the endeavor. It was time. As one of my mentors says, what good is all this creativity and writing if you’re not trying to share it with the world?

That said, I never did actually submit my short story to any literary magazines today. But I did get a lot closer to that step. I researched and wrote a decent cover letter. I started my spreadsheet of literary magazines, so I don’t have to keep rereading details. It includes details such as how exclusive they are, when they read submissions, word count requirements, etc. Then, because I identified one literary magazine who is accepting submissions for an upcoming issue especially for “newbies,” I proceeded to cut 500 words from my short story in order to make it meet the word count requirement. That’s no small feat! Five hundred words is about two pages, double-spaced, and in a short story that’s a lot. You think, there’s no bloody way. But then you start, first deleting a word here and there, then cutting out unnecessary details, and before you know it, you’ve done it and the story truly is better for it. I should always tell myself my story is two pages too long, even when it isn’t

I also went through all my notes from the last Redwood Writers’ meeting and explored the great sites that the panel shared with us, sites like the Yahoo Group, Creative Writers Opportunities List, and the literary magazine resource, NewPages.

Now I’m writing this in bed…a first…and looking into the mouth of another monstrous work week. Somehow I don’t mind too much. Perhaps because I had such a fulfilling, recuperative weekend. Perhaps because I just enjoyed two new episodes of The Bletchley Circle, and anything set in my beloved England during WWII or the post-war years always reminds me to “Keep Calm and Carry On.”