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When I set this ship on its course, one of the things I did was to reach out to writerly friends and mentors with whom I had lost touch. I sent emails or I went and saw them in person, like Anita at my first Redwood Writers’ meeting. Tonight I reconnected with another such person, a friend who responded to my email. She has also written a mystery novel and I had the great pleasure of reading it. I still vividly remember her characters and their adventure and was eager to hear what she and they have been up to. We met after work for tea and talked until the poor guys told us the café had been closed for half an hour. We were only there for an hour and a half but there’s something very writerly (in a romanticized way) about a place closing around you while you’re deep in conversation and then having to be asked to leave. If we’d been belligerent and whiskey had been in our tea, Hemingway would be proud. I learned during our talk that she has also joined the Redwood Writers chapter, and a friend of hers, whose actual house my character will actually end up living in (in a later novel), is a children’s book writer who is on the Board of the Redwood Writers. Synchronicity…?

As for writing, I sat with my novel this morning before work. One document has the finished manuscript at 360 pages (this is in a 12 pt font). I calculated that if I worked on just four pages each day, I’d be done with this revision in ninety days. As the old saying goes, that’s ninety days sooner than if I didn’t work on any pages any days. So I started at page one…again…thinking about the input I’d received and trying to incorporate ideas and solutions, and worked on the first four pages. Of course, I’m not exactly ready to move on to the next four pages. Unless I work on it some more now. That’s a novel concept…no pun intended.

All in all, Captain’s log records clear skies and on course today.