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At least no good ones. Tonight they’ve all scattered. This doesn’t just sometimes happens to writers…I think it happens especially to writers…and more often than we’d care to admit. Why? For many reasons…for reasons I can’t explain right now, because I have no words. Even these few sentences feel Herculean. When the words scatter…and refuse to come back…you shouldn’t chase them. It’s useless.

I did compose an important, long overdue email today…a correspondence that has my writing’s interests at the heart of it. Let’s hope it works its magic. It’s just the first part in the weaving of a very complicated spell…that may end up being completely inadequate…but that’s the way with these things.

With that done, and the rest of my words gone, tonight will be sweet and simple (oh, cliches never scatter…they’re always there…unappreciated…the proverbial dogs we kick, to use another). Let my words come back when they’re ready. Tonight, quite happily, I’m a silent general. My minions are lining up and ready to infuse the house with their own magic…maybe this will lure the words back faster!