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That’s what Jimi Hendrix…musical, cultural and creative icon…asks. Well, am I? Perhaps not exactly in the way Jimi means, but I’m experienced enough to know that sometimes, when the best laid plans fall through, it’s not always for the worst…that when something unexpected comes your way, especially an experience, you should say yes more often than you say no…that your creativity always needs music, spontaneity, and reckless abandon.

So, when my plans to meet a friend for coffee after work fell through, and I was then asked to dispense with my orderly to-do list for the evening and, instead, pay a ridiculous amount of money for tickets to a concert tonight…the responsible adult in me hesitated, bit its lip in uncertainty, and said, “Well, I don’t know…,” while the artistic child shouted in response, “Why the hell not!?”

Jimi would be pleased. As is usually the case, the artistic child won out and is getting what she wants…a spontaneous, somewhat bizarre experience, that was not on any agenda. The responsible adult, who’s not a bad gal, will console herself by recognizing she’s fostering creativity. Once there, she’ll loosen up and have fun too.

Therefore, after this is published, I’m closing my laptop, changing my clothes, and heading out to, quite literally, “Experience Hendrix.” The Tour is an homage to Jimi’s musical genius and brings together the likes of Zakk Wylde, Buddy Guy, Billy Cox, Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and others to perform Jimi’s songs. Am I experienced? I guess I soon will be…and why the hell not, right?