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My re-entry into life was a Sunday full of “writerly” deeds which I will report in two parts.

Part one…

I awoke later than I would have liked, but tackled the Suggestion I put forth yesterday…the “weekend (with plans)” option…and it kept me fairly focused. As the day draws to a close, I realize I didn’t hit everything on the list, nor reach most of the time goals, but I still feel good about it…I even got most of the bedding from last week’s company washed and put away, and worked on my novel, which these days is the greater accomplishment. Tomorrow it’s back to work with no extracurricular plans, so I will give the Suggestion an even more focused attempt.

At Noon, I was out the door and off to meet a fellow writer and one of the Keys, at the Tudor Rose. We are fortunate in our town to have our very own English Tea House, owned and operated by a lovely woman from Northern England. There are black teas and red teas and green teas…homemade scones with jam and clotted cream…finger sandwiches, shepherd’s pie, even sausage rolls (which bring back fond memories of quick breakfasts in London as I rushed to work). As you can imagine, being the Anglophile I am, everything about the place appeals to me, from the teapots and tiered trays of food, to the cozy decor and women in hats, to the lovely owner and her equally lovely accent.

 Tudor Rose

It was good for my soul to go there today…working the same magic as those photos of Oxford I recently mentioned. There was the priceless time with a fellow writer and friend, talking through our goals and schemes, but also the nurturing ambience of the place…like visiting a favorite aunt in her country cottage. I don’t frequent the establishment as much as I would like to, but sitting there today in a comfortable wingback with my matching cup and saucer, I concluded that this will, henceforth, be where I conduct business. If ever…and there must be an ever because, after all, I’m going to get business cards…an agent wants to meet me on my turf, this is where we shall meet. What could be a better reflection of who I am? I mean, they even do themed murder mystery parties where you dress up in costume, have dinner and are entertained by performers. And as I was making this declaration to myself I noticed in the alcove across from us, which accommodates a table for six, a small group was having a book discussion. A good sign! In fact, as I write this I am thinking that I might have to work the Tudor Rose into my novel.

After our tea, it was off to my first Redwood Writers’ Meeting. But that I shall save for part two…

For those interested, here is the link to the Tudor Rose’s website: