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The only good thing about being sick is when you finally start to feel well again. Today I actually got dressed, put on my favorite red lipstick and a little mascara, did some laundry and bills. Of course, my only outing was to the grocery store, but that’s alright. I have plans tomorrow so I need to keep gathering my strength. Still sneezy so tonight is an evening of antihistamines and champagne, followed by Zingers and instant coffee a little later so I don’t pass out!

Today I finalized my schedule. Of course, “finalize” might be too strong a word, as well as “schedule.” Nothing is ever final, and like all things in life, this is more of a working draft than a final solution. Also, anyone who knows me knows that I balk at self-imposed rules. The quickest way to get me to do something is for me to tell myself I won’t. I’m good with declarations and goals…bad with rules and restrictions. So, instead of calling this a schedule, I’m calling it, “just a suggestion.”

I never realized how personal a schedule (or suggestion) is until now, when I’m about to unveil my own to the world for scrutiny. I can already hear family and friends, “Are you crazy? It’s too much. And with your job?” I have two responses. First, this is why I’m calling it a suggestion. These are goals. If I don’t meet them, at least I’ve tried and done more than I would have otherwise. I’m reminded here of the quote by W. Clement Stone: “Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” That’s the tactic I’m going for. Second, if you want to accomplish things in this life, you have to have some discipline and dedication. I have made allowances for the fact that I often have plans, both on the weeknights and weekends. And remember, I get up at 5:30 in the morning and go to bed late, so I have a lot of hours before and after work, and my husband is often working on his own projects.

So here it is (sorry about the glare…unavoidable)…click on it to zoom in:


You’ll note that it’s on the whiteboard in the blue room, which makes for easy edits. And that’s where it’ll stay until I like the feel of it, and the “suggestion” becomes every day life. It starts tomorrow, when I have plans, so it’ll be a great way to test it.

An Aside:

I’d just like to say that yesterday officially marked the start of my second month doing this blog. One month down, eleven to go until we’ve gone full circle around the sun!