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When I’m home sick, I inevitably have the urge to shop online. This is very counterintuitive, if you think about it. You’re home sick, not doing your job, not contributing to society…but you want to spend money. It’s just a form of escapism…wishing I felt and looked better than I do at this particular moment, but it’s still a slippery slope. So rather than browsing for the perfect pair of fall boots that might one day traipse over the cobblestones of Oxford, or putting together Anthropologie ensembles that would look especially scholarly while reading old manuscripts at the Bodleian Library, today I only let myself window shop for things that might actually get me closer to those fantasies, rather than just feed into them.

Continuing in the spirit of Shoeless Joe’s “If you build it, he will come,” I have started looking at business cards. Who would I give them to? At this point, I have no idea, especially as most story submissions and queries are done online or via email now. But, I am a new member of the Redwood Writers’ chapter, and anticipate I will be schmoozing just as soon as I feel better. And I also believe that real writers have tidy business cards with their name and “writer” printed beneath it. Period. Regardless of whether or not I can fathom at this point who I will hand them to, it is just something I must do. Of course, in the end I couldn’t commit to a design. This happens with boots too, but it was mostly because my brain is fuzzy today. Still, I started the search and am getting a sense of what I would be happy to have represent me.

I did make one purchase and that was to subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter, Sapling, put out by Black Lawrence Press. For $25 I got a one-year subscription. Each issue will profile one writing contest, one small press, and one literary journal, as well as include an interview or article. That seemed like a very wise investment, even with my fuzzy brain. Of course, I have to make a point of actually reading and using it for that investment to pay off.

And that’s about all I had in me today. The cold persists…leaving me tired and sneezy and relegated to the couch. It’s one thing to have all sorts of time at home when you feel well, but it’s very tedious when you don’t. I find myself missing the company and structure of my day job.

If you’re interested in Sapling and want to see a sample issue, here’s the link. I’m quiet excited about it…less virtual legwork for me!