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I’m sticking to the plan today…breathing and making a schedule. As such, posting this early with clear intention.

1) The breathing.

I keep this video in my treasure trove but am sharing it here today to remind myself to slow down and breathe. As I do so, what’s important becomes more evident, even little objects and actions (my coffee cup, brushing my teeth) become precious, and a path clearly emerges.

2) The schedule.

Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule

Mason Currey opens his book, Daily Rituals, with this photograph of Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule. It reminds me that even the greats had to get themselves organized if they hoped to accomplish anything. And this didn’t apply just to men of quiet contemplation. A painter like Francis Bacon (1909 – 1992), who slept little, drank too much, ate too much and seemed to live in a constant state of disorder, still had a schedule of sorts…studio, pub, restaurant, club, repeat. I’m a bit more like Ben Franklin, so keeping his schedule handy for inspiration.