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I don’t feel like doing a single “writerly” thing tonight. This doesn’t come from despondency or disinterest…it comes from pure, lovely dissipation. It was a full, hot day with too much good food and lots of good company. To be honest, I don’t feel like doing much of anything, and if it wasn’t for this blog, I probably wouldn’t; so, I guess it just fulfilled its objective…helping me to avoid the slippery slope. Not that it’s bad to take a day off now and then…just not during this 365 days.

Therefore, tonight’s all about some good ol’ leftovers…a bit of this and that.

First, I want to say thank you to the slew of new followers I received this past week. I try to always make a point of visiting the blogs of people kind enough to follow or like my thoughts and writing. Sometimes it can take me a little bit of time but, please know, I always do. Tonight seems like a good night to do that…even as I write this I find myself pleasantly distracted by this post and that photo. I’m in a receptive mode and this is the best time to meander through others’ creativity.

Next, I’d like to mention Amy Corron Power’s highly praised site, Another Wine Blog. She recently did a write-up on the performance by Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra which we both attended to celebrate the coming of fall (kindly linking to my September 21 post). Not only did she give a true-to-life, haunting description of the band and their music, she captured the spirit and enchantment of the entire evening…and was also responsible for flying in six dozen Texas tamales for all of us to enjoy. So, if you’re interested in the music, check out, “Three-legged dogs, Jack Dempsey and Rye Whiskey”, and if you’re in to wine, check out the entire blog for an approach that teaches while respecting the elixir’s mystique and allure.

And since we’re on the subject, I must share just one of the amazing images of Marty that my husband captured that evening.

Marty 3

Without a doubt he got Marty and the band’s raw energy and soulfulness. See more of them at his website, http://www.sonomaphotos.com, under the category of “music.”

Now I’m going to meander…and eat that pumpkin cupcake whispering my name…because maybe I’m not quite dissipated enough.